EMF's in your home!

EMF's refers to the Electro-Magnetic Fields that are produced by electrical circuits and equipment.

At low levels they are deemed to be harmless but at higher levels they have many detrimental health implications.

The term EMF refers to both Electric and Magnetic fields:

  • Electric fields are present whenever electricity is present. - e.g. There will be electric fields around cables to a bedside light even when the light is switched off but the cable is still "live". Electric fields also occur naturally - for example, if you wear insulating shoes, on a dry day a charge will accumulate on your body  - sometimes you can see this discharge by touching a conductive object where there may be a little spark!
  • Magnetic fields are only produced when electricity is being used: e.g In the above example when the light is off there will be no magnetic fields produced from the cable, but with the light on, and electricity flowing, there will be some magnetic fields produced. With correctly wired "low power" circuits these magnetic fields should be very low and generally not a problem. With high power circuits or electrical power supplies, these fields can become very strong and should be avoided. These fields rapidly reduce with distance so you can avoid them by keeping away.  For example we often have chargers and power supplies plugged in under our desk, then we rest our feet on them !!! - this is easy to fix just move them 1/2m away. Metal boxed devices such as PCs are generally pretty good and don't emit many magnetic fields, but the plastic cased devices such as transformers and power supplies are made very cheaply and dont have any shielding so are much worse. 

The practical solution to check your home is to either hire a specialist to come and survey your house for you, or buy an EMF meter to check it yourself. This way you can eradicate many of the basic problem devices, possibly replacing them with better made, more modern devices that don’t produce such horrendous fields. There are many potential EMF hotspot causes that you will be able to isolate and fix yourself, but sometimes you will need an electrician to fix any house wiring problems and bring it up to a good standard.


Every home in the western world will be awash with many different radio, TV and phone signals - again at a low level perfectly harmless, but not so good when the levels are too high.

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Triggers to EMF Sensitivity

Updated July 23, 2010

by R. Conrad

Probably everyone is affected by EMF's to some degree. In the great majority of persons most of the effects, including increased rates of cancer, occur only after years of exposure. The general population may also be affected in the short term in subliminal ways such as attention deficits, hyperactivity, depression, irritability or less restful sleep. But in a minority of persons, the effects of EMF exposure are drastic, pronounced and clearly correlated to EMF exposure, can include any of the latter symptoms, and typically also burning skin, burning/itching sensations inside the body, chest pains, heart palpitations and arrhythmias, tingling/numbness in a hand or foot (peripheral neuropathy), pronounced tinnitus, headaches, inability to sleep, seizures, increased chemical and food sensitivities and a whole range of other immune and neurological effects. These symptoms can occur either immediately upon exposure, or some hours later. Why is this minority more sensitive than the general population? In many cases, we do not know. But we do know that having chemical sensitivities predisposes people to developing EMF sensitivity - approximately half of persons with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) eventually develop EMF sensitivity/ES/EHS (Electrical Hypersensitivity). And a significant percentage of persons with EHS develop MCS later. In some cases the sudden induction of MCS or EHS correlates with the occurrence of Candida overgrowth.

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The Cancer Survivor

The cancer survivor allergic to modern life:

Mother is so sensitive to electric gadgets she has to live by candlelight

Condition is so severe her neighbours can't even have Wi-Fi Problems began after chemotherapy for bowel cancer She cannot watch television, listen to the radio or boil the kettle to make a cup of tea. So severe is Janice Tunnicliffe’s sensitivity to electricity that even her neighbours have had to stop using wireless internet. The mother-of-two spends her evenings playing board games by candlelight, avoiding switching on lights or using fridges, freezers, computers and mobile phones. Mood lighting: Janice and her husband Carl use candles at night as she says electromagnetic fields give her chest pains.

Mrs Tunnicliffe, 55, claims a course of chemotherapy during treatment for cancer left her with a rare condition called electrosensitivity, which causes severe reactions to the electromagnetic fields given off by electrical appliances. In the three years since she developed the illness, Mrs Tunnicliffe has suffered headaches, chest pains, nausea and tingling in her arms and legs whenever she is close to any device that emits electromagnetic fields.

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