20 lowest-radiation cell phones

Choosing a Low Radiation Cell Phone

The amount of radiation absorbed by your body when making a mobile phone call can be measured - this measurement is called the SAR (specific absorption rate) and is a guide to how much electromagnetic radiation you will absorb whem making a call. The higher the SAR the more radiation is absorbed. Choosing a low SAR mobile phone could reduce your exposure by a factor of 2-3 times  compared to using a higher SAR phone. See below for tables of of devices with their SAR Values.>

What is SAR?

Rank Model SAR (digital) Carrier
1 Samsung Galaxy Note 0.19 T-Mobile
2 Samsung Galaxy Note 0.27 Unlocked
3 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 0.28 Verizon Wireless
4 Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 0.3 AT&T
5 Kyocera DuraXT 0.328 Sprint
6 Pantech Discover 0.35 AT&T
7 Samsung Galaxy Beam 0.36 Unlocked
8 Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II 0.37 Verizon Wireless
9 Pantech Swift 0.386 AT&T
10 Samsung Jitterbug Plus 0.4 GreatCall
10a Jitterbug Plus 0.4 GreatCall
12 Samsung Gusto 2 0.41 Verizon Wireless
12a Kyocera DuraMax 0.41 Sprint
12b Samsung Gusto 2 0.41 Verizon Wireless
15 Samsung Galaxy Appeal 0.42 AT&T
16 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 0.43 Sprint
17 HTC One V 0.455 U.S. Cellular
18 LG Optimus Vu 0.462 Unlocked
19 Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G 0.47 T-Mobile
19a Samsung Rugby 3 0.47 AT&T