OfficesPotentially many workplaces will be subject to high levels of radio and electric fields produced by machines and plant or IT and Comms equipment. If electric and radio field levels are too high this will not be good for you! Potentially a number of small changes to the way you work or even changing the location of equipment may significantly improve your environment and wellbeing.



EMF in the workplace

Everyone in our modern society is exposed to the electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that surround all electric devices. Recently, scientific studies have raised questions about the possible health effects of EMFs. This fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about EMFs in the workplace. You can use this information to help identify EMF sources at work and to take simple steps for reducing exposures. However, you cannot use this information to judge the safety of your exposures, since the scientific evidence does not yet show whether EMF exposures are hazardous.

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